Car Waxing / Polishing Cloths  

  • Car Waxing Cloth
  • Car Waxing Cloth
  • Car Waxing Cloth
  • Car Waxing Cloth
Product Description


Cloths for Car Waxing, Car Polishing Cloth


  • The image is the partial product only.
  • Color and size can be customized and designed on request.
  • The color of car waxing cloth looks differently on different computer screen; please take the color of the actual product as standard.
Product Feature

The microfiber makes the surface of the automobile enamel smooth and look sparkling after waxing. With this car polishing cloth, you can get the best waxing effect and also enjoy the hydrophilic absorption of it.

Product Specification
  • Material:
    80% Polyester, 20% Nylon
  • Size/ Color:
    Customized size/ beige
  • Packaging:
    You may choose the color and the amount of package.
  • Note:
    Please dry it in the air after washing.
    Please do not use softener, bleach or hot water to wash it, or these will affect the function of wiping and absorbing. (The fiber will swell if those chemicals be used and decrease the effect of water absorption)
  • Suitable for car waxing and polishing.

Car Polish Cloth, Car Waxing Cloth